Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Drum Up Interest in Your Media Center

Mrs. Allbach and I are always looking for ways to get teachers interested in our media center and earlier this year we decided to promote ourselves and our stuff with a fun email.

Want to take a picture or movie with your iPad, but you had too much coffee this morning? Borrow the iPad mount!
Although emails are typically overlooked, we find that our teachers are already crunched for time, so this was the best way to share what is going on.

And the reaction was positive:
"Wow.Just Wow"

"Dang! Ya’ll is droppin’ some SCIENCE BOMBS, yeeeeeeeeeeeuh!"

"Thank you for all you do to support us and our students.  It is refreshing to see you all enjoying what you are doing!"

"I love this email!"

"y'all.  are.  awesome."

Here's a few examples of what we showcased:

We have a few new items that you might be interested in checking out from the media center!
We have several science probes!

Measure wind speeds with our anemometer!

Measure humidity with our hygrometer!

Measure temperature with our temperature probes!

Sometimes with a little humor (especially on a Monday), is how you get positive attention. We look forward to seeing how this will affect checkout for these items and in turn, collaboration with classrooms using these tools.

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